Ways To Make Money Online

Ways To Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online. Some are real, legit and honest and you will end up making money from them. Provided you take the time to learn, follow the learning and take ACTION implementing what you learn. Others are scams, total waste of your hard-earned cash and waste of your precious time and the only one end up making the money are the scammers behind them.

How To Distinguish Between The Legit And The Scam!

Although the distinction between the two is rather simple, we often fall victims for the scams. Here is a simple way to know the difference:

The legitimate ways to make money online:

  • It will not ask you to part with your money upfront.
  • It will have a rich and deep process of learning.
  • It will give you the tools to implement what you learn.
  • It will have stories of success of people who followed it.
  • It will not promise you quick RICHES.

The scammy ways to make money online:

  • Almost all the GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES.
  • It will ask you for money upfront.
  • No learning process.
  • It will promise you the earth and deliver NOTHING.

Having said that, I am not going to bore you with the millions of scams online! But what I am going to concentrate on is the legitimate and honest ones. So without further ado let’s dive straight in.

No Betting! No Gambling! Just Real Work

Are you ready to learn the proper ways to make money online? Let’s go!

My number #1 recommendation is the last one SO feel free to skip straight to it.

  1. Sell your own PRODUCT: This will require, sourcing your own products, advertise them online through big websites such as eBay, handling the orders the packaging and the delivery etc.
  2. Surveys and Testing websites: taking surveys or testing products and websites. It does pay usually small amounts can do for people with time on their hands and need some extra cash.
  3. Freelance Writing: you need to write to high standards and you could end up earning per a word you write.
  4. Work from Home for a Company: you will need to apply for jobs that you are qualified to do. The competition for those jobs usually very high.
  5. MLM multi-level marketing.
  6. Affiliate Marketing: this is the one I am serious about and I am going to show you the tremendous earning potential it really has. And Hey! I am actually doing it and earning money from it SO it is first hand, tried and tested recommendation. If you totally new to it, don’t worry because I can hold your hand and walk with you right through it all the way.

Affiliate Marketing:

Did I mention QUICK WAYS TO MAKE MONEY! I certainly hope I DID NOT!

The beauty of affiliate marketing is this:

” Although it is not a GET RICH QUICK scheme, you can actually start earning fairly early in the setup process.”

Listen to this:

  • You Don’t Need A Product: you promote everyone elses’ products or services.
  • You Don’t Handle Anything: the sellers DO.
  • You Don’t Take Orders: the sellers DO.
  • You Don’t Handle Payments: the sellers DO.
  • You Get Paid A Commission: it could be as little as 4% as is the case with Amazon or as high as 40-70% as is the case with membership-websites or promoting an e-book.

What You Do Need:

  • A website, a beautiful, professional website.
  • A niche: an interest or a hobby that you feel passionate about.
  • Content: to write lots of informative and interesting articles and posts that people would read.
  • A product or service to promote.

You do not need any previous knowledge or any experience in any of the above, however, you do need to be open to learning, implementing what you learn and taking lots of ACTION.

Before I ask you to have a look at this website where it will all become possible, as it did to me, and before I ask you to TRY IT FOR FREE, I am going to ask you to click on the link below and read more about it in my review.

Here is the link to click:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews 2017- Test Drive Success

You Will Learn:


  1. Create fully interactive professional websites.
  2. Host them all in here.
  3. Write compelling content that people will read.
  4. SEO search engine optimization, to get people to find your website on all the major search engines.
  5. Join Google Adsense and start making money.
  6. Join Amazon to sell their products and services.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will find lots of people who are willing to help with anything that you need it’s a community.

Click this link and find out for yourself:

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This is the best way to earn money. Although it will take time for you to learn and master the craft, the rewards will exceed your expectation.

Dedication, hard-work and consistent ACTION are the key to succeed.

Affiliate marketing potential is limitless and Wealthy Affiliate is the best vehicle to take you there.

Come along and sign up try it for free and you may never regret it, I never did.

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