The Simplicity Of Making Money Online

Making Money With The Wise Old Man!

Are you making money or earning it?

Let me tell you this story that happened to me. A long time a go. As I was growing up, my mum used to always make sure that I went-along with my other cousins- to see if my grandparents- who lived not very far from our house in the neighbourhood- wanted or needed anything. Half the time they did not, so we would just set around my grandfather- who was such a formidable yet very kind character- and listen excitedly to his stories.

One day, he said as he cleared his throat:

” Let me teach you the difference between a happy man and a miserable one!”

My ears pricked up and I knew this is going to be good.

He went on:

” The man that earnes $100 and spends $90 is a happy man.”

He turned his gaze towards me and continued:

” And the man who earns a $100 and spends a $100 or more is truly a miserable one.”

He looked directly into my eyes for impact and commanded:

” Remember that, and, you will always be the happy one.”

The impact of that afternoon and my granddad’s facial expression still lives with me to this day. May God bless his soul.

You Don’t Make Money You Earn It!

This was one of my Aha! Moments.

Make it Earn it! What the….! Aren’t they the same! Are you just splitting hairs? The answer is NO I am not splitting hairs and the difference between the two is huge.

You see: if we go back to my granddad’s story above. Both men are earning $100 each BUT only the first guy is making $10 AHA!

Let me make it clearer with the following story:

In 2003 Mike Tyson declared bankruptcy. He used to EARN $30 million for some of his fights. Over the span of his career he EARNED $685 million. At the time of the declaration he was $23 million in debt. He did not MAKE any money infact whatever your financial state might be YOU are in a better shape than him! AHA!!

It doesn’t matter how much you earn, if you are not putting any of it away, you are not making money.

So to make money you need to listen to my granddad. Take at least 10% of your gross earnings and put it away. Totally, utterly and completely away and watch it accomulate.


How To Make Money?

  1. Shift your focus: You must not think about the money, you must shift your focus away from it.
  2. Dont complicate matters: The more you complicate matters the less likely that you are going to take action on any idea.
  3. Don’t over analize: Paralyses by Analysis. Look into things with an open mind, careful, pragmatic evaluation, then, sleep on it and follow your heart, if it feels good do it, if it doesn’t, don’t do it.
  4. Most importantly: FOCUS on providing VALUE. When you focus on value people will sense it and will happily reward you for it. THE MARKETPLACE ALWAYS REWARDS VALUE.

In a nutshell:

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Follow the training.
  • Find your passion.
  • Make a website around your passion.
  • Make Money.

It really is this simple. Do not complicate it and do not hesitate.

Click the link below and start living the dream:

How to make money online the simple way!

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