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Motivate yourself

Logic V Emotion

Although we learn a great deal of very good ideas almost everyday… Guess what!! We still fail miserably at implementing them, and half the time, we don’t even know WHY!?

In this area of we will be focusing on trying to understand Why? Better still, we will be focusing on trying to learn how to implement those great ideas every time they come a long.

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Motivate yourself


How to motivate yourself for success?

As defined by the dictionary motivation is:

A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

So in order to motivate yourself for success you’ll need a reason or reasons ( the carrot ) in order to get motivated. Now, I am going to replace the word reason with the word GOAL or GOALS.

Motivate yourself for success

Motivational speakers, psychologists and philosophers down the ages, all agree and insist that in order for you to succeed, you must set your goals before you set sails.

Success is the progressive (consistent action realization of a worthy ideal (goal). -Earl Nightingale

Your ship must follow a predetermined rout to reach it’s destination. Earl also said:

All you need is the plan, the roadmap and the courage to press on to your destination.